Ruby Red Razzle Dazzle

Day TEN!

Day 10 Is Brought To You By...The oh-so INSPIRING Associate Directors......... Ashley Jones & Kristy Pauly!

Customer Service Calls

Today's challenge is EASY! could help you pick up a few extra sales too!

We all know that one thing that makes Stella & Dot Special is YOU. You are the face of the brand to your customers and YOU are who they remember. I love it when I get a call from a retailer thanking me for shopping with them and making sure I'm delighted with my purchases!

So today's challenge is EASY. Pick 10 customers and make 10 customer care calls.....

DAY NINE CHALLENGE: Call 10 Customers to make sure they received their order and that it is everything they imagined. If you don't catch them...leave a voicemail.

That's it. Reply to the Post once you've made your 10 calls. Share any results!

Words to say at bottom....


Meet Your Associate Directors!

Kristy Pauly - Associate Director

My Story
I started with Stella & Dot in September of 2010 just to get some free jewelry:) I never in my wildest dreams would have imagined I would be where I am today with my business! What I thought was going to be a fun side gig has actually been life changing! It has allowed me to be a SAHM, while still contributing to the family financially & having something to call my own! If you haven't noticed I kind of like an incentive/goal to work towards so my goal now is to help as many women as possible create a life that they want and desire! Our small but mighty team here in Wichita is going to do some pretty amazing things in the next year so be on the look out:) This is an amazing group of women and my life would not be nearly as fun without you all!

I have made so many life long friendships within our community, and I have to say that is the biggest reward I can take from my business! For example~ when I signed up, I was on Angie Clifton's 4th line, yes 4th. We didn't know each other from Adam but she is such an amazing person. She reached out to me and now here I am today directly under her. I can't imagine my life without her! Love you Angie! This business is ALL about relationships, sponsoring, and customers, so cherish each and every one you have!

Tips for your Business~

1.When your month isn't looking so hot, it's what you do in that moment that will set your business apart! Never ever give up!

2.There are no overnight success stories. It took me 2 years to get to Star and 2 more years to get to Associate Director. It was an amazing adventure getting where I am today with lots of ups and downs! Set your goal and always be working towards it! If you wanna be a Star then act like a Star, reach out and ask what you can do to help with local team meet ups. If you don't have a leader in your area then hold your own meet ups. No matter what your title says always coach your team at the level you want to be at.

Kristy Is Gifting...

I chose these Tom's Wedges cause I am all about comfort and these ROCK my SOCKS! I have them in this color but want them in every color out there:) You get to choose your choice of color!

My Favorite Memories

Ashley Jones - Associate Director

My Story
I am one of the veteran stylists as I started in September of 2010. My son had just turned one and I needed a little something just for me! I lived in St. Louis at the time, moved to Texas a few months later for 3 years and in February we moved back home to KC! So 4 years later and 2 more kids, here I am. I am so happy to be back with so many Ruby Reds! My business has had its ups and downs but I have just kept going and done my best to be consistent with it. I love making the personal connection not only with my customers, but my team and all our Ruby Red stylists!

My top 3 tips…

1 - As Dori would say, "just keep swimming!" ;) Consistency is key and you are going to get out of your business what you put into it.

2 - At trunk shows, get involved! Switch up your necklaces, put necklaces on your guests and be sure to show them the versatility of our pieces…guests are usually blown away!

3 - Have fun! This an amazing opportunity and we are just getting started!!!

Ashley Is Gifting...

My gift is a Kate Spade friendship bracelet. It says Create It which is what this business is all about…you create it! I loved the red threading and think it will look so good stacked with some S&D gold bracelets! Enjoy!

A Few Of My Favorite Memories

Words To Say - Customer Service Calls

Ring Ring and She Answers....OMG WHAT TO SAY?!....

"Hi Jane, I hope you are having a fabulous holiday season! I just wanted to give you a quick call to see if you are loving everything you got from Tara's party.

Have you had a chance to wear your Pegasus yet?
(listen & wait)
If YES....How did you style it or How many compliments did you get?? (listen & wait)
If NO....Girl What are you waiting for? I would wear that to the grocery store!! :)

Oh that is so fun!!! That is awesome.
Well I am so glad you are in love!

Have you finished all of your holiday shopping? (listen & wait)
If she says NO:
"Let me know if I can help you with any last minute gifts and I'd be happy to comp your shipping since you just shopped with me. We have lots of great gifts under $50 and as you know some fabulous splurges. Who's left on your list?"

If she says YES:
"Well let me know if anyone last minute pops up. I keep extra items on hand for easy gifts and we also have gift cards."

Jane thank you again for shopping with me! Be on the look out for my Spring Sample Sale and have a Very Merry Christmas!!

Voicemail Script

"Hi Jane, This is Tara Renze, the Stella & Dot Stylist from Angie's party. I was just checking in to make sure you are in love and delighted with all of your purchases. And I'm so curious to know if you've had a chance to wear those fabulous earrings you treated yourself to! Please let me know if I can help you with anything and also keep Stella & Dot in mind for any last minute holiday gifts. Teachers, Sisters, Mothers, Daughters, Nieces....I can help you find something fabulous and I will comp your shipping since you just shopped with me.

Anway, thank you for shopping with me and I hope you have a Very Merry Christmas!"