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Week of October 14

Exchange Program with China

Please read the following and contact Dr. Baxter by October 31, 2019 if you are interested in participating. The link is Q&A about the program.

Summer Camp Teaching Program in China

10 Day Summer Camp Program

When: In early July

Where: Jiangsu Province, China

Camp Description: This opportunity is open to all School District teachers and professional staff. A teaching certificate is not necessary. School District teachers would teach for 10 days in a summer boarding camp situation for Chinese elementary and middle school students. Five lessons per day would be taught including English, basketball, soccer, arts, drama and other elective courses. Teachers would be responsible for developing topics and preparing all lessons. Teachers would submit a draft outline ahead of time. Teaching materials and aids would be prepared by the Chinese school. Class sizes would be approximately 25-30 students. The amount of teaching time per day would be around 5-6 hours with scheduled breaks in-between. Teachers are not responsible for supervising students before or after camp in the dorms.

Fees, Costs, and Compensation: The Chinese schools will pay for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (these are provided in the school canteen or cafeteria). Accommodations will be arranged in teacher dormitory. If there’s no teacher dormitory in camp school, accommodations will be arranged in Chinese teachers’ families (first choice) or 3-stars hotel. Transportation within China is arranged by the Chinese schools. International air tickets will be purchased by teachers and then reimbursed in when the teachers arrive in China. The Chinese school must approve the cost and travel dates of the flight ahead of time. Costs of Chinese visas that are payable to the Chinese Consulate would also be reimbursed. Teachers are not compensated for the summer camp teaching experience. Teachers are also not compensated if eating at restaurants outside of the school canteen.

Free Time and Touring: Generally, evenings are free and teachers can explore the city in which they are teaching. The school can assist in providing local tour options. The school can also assist in extending travel in China is requested although this would be at the teacher’s expense.

Dress Code for Teachers: The dress should be same as regular class in U.S. School District.

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Angel Tree

It is time for Haverty's Angel Tree recommendations. Please contact Sarah Barnett if you would like to submit a family for Angel Tree.

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