The Importance of Looking Fancy

By Jacob Yahl


This satire involves two main characters that are sisters in there early twenties. At this time The proper way to be in public is to always look noticeably attractive for women or "fancy". The two sisters names are Rachel and Ashley and they are very poor working as maids often just to get money to survive. Since they are poor and cannot afford dresses or nice cloth they are ridiculed in society and looked down upon. In the story they are even arrested for wearing there maids clothes which is an insult to everybody. This is only the beginning to the story as what they do when they get out changes history forever. Some people even call it disturbing and young kids are not advised to see the play. To find

Please come on out and watch the play.

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Rachel: A shy women that bottles everything up inside. She does not stand up for herself so this makes it easy for people to always make fun of her for her poor clothing. When people give her orders she just ignores them and goes on with business. She has a dark side but it rarely comes out....

Ashely: She is very outspoken and says it how it is. She stands up for Rachel and is one of the reasons why things turn around in the story after they get arrested. She is the mastermind of the the two.

John (Police Officer): An angry man that takes his frustration out on other people while doing his job. He is always trying to find people doing the pettiest of things and will throw them in jail. Especially when he sees two young women nit following public dress code and on the streets

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I Would Rather Die Than Look Like Trash...