A tidy office, is a happy office

Cluttered Space = Cluttered Mind

Have you seen the beautiful new soft seating areas?!

Don't you just want to pick up your desk and move into one of these spaces?!

Free of distractions and clutter!


You may have noticed some aesthetically pleasing improvements happening in the nooks and crannies of our office. The team has been hard at work sprucing up the place where we spend the majority of our time, but those nooks and crannies are just that... nooks and crannies! What about our HUGE open office floor plan? You know, the first thing you see when you get in everyday and the first impression we're giving our visitors?

We're all so busy that sometimes we don't have time to think about the 3+ years worth of clutter we've accumulated; we totally get it, but when is enough enough??

It's time to focus on our mental health...

In honor of wellness month, let's focus on our mental health, and challenge our office friends to take a good hard look at the space we are surrounded by 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week, 2,080 hours a year and ask yourself...

"Do I need this?"

"Have I even looked at this in the past 6 months?"

"Is there a better place I can store this?"

"Is it still my birthday?"

Busy season is quickly approaching (and for some of us, it's already here) - so what better time than now to straighten up your space? Straightening up your work space will be refreshing and energizing - helping you plow through another busy holiday season!

Did someone say TEAM CLEANING PARTY?!

Big image

Feel free to reach out if you're in need of cleaning supplies or additional storage!

Thanks in advance!