Roll, Spell, & Cover!

By: Hannah Splitter

This game is designed to aid students in recognizing and spelling words with short vowel sounds. Students roll a die and find a picture of a word that corresponds to the short vowel, determined by the number showing on the die.
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Grade 1 Reading Standards: Foundation Skills, Phonological Awareness: RF. 1.2a Distinguish long from short vowel sounds in spoken single-syllable words.

How to create the game

1. Begin by brainstorming words that can be depicted, that also include short vowel sounds. (net, cat, dog)

2. Compile a list of 25 words

3. In a word document, create a 5x5 board game with each picture of the short vowel word in a spot.

4. On the bottom of the board game, include pictures of dice numbers that correspond to certain short vowel sounds. (5- short u)

5. On a separate page, make a 9x3 table for students to write their words in.

6. Include a place for students to write their name and also a description that students should write the words on that page.


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1. Roll, Spell, & Cover game board

2. Roll, Spell, & Cover writing page

3. Chips to cover pictures

4. One die per player

5. Pencils

How to play:

1. Pass out a game board, writing page, and die to each player

2. Have each player roll their die

3. Whoever has the highest roll starts the game, rotating clockwise.

4. The first player rolls the die

5. According to the number displayed on the die, the student chooses a picture of a word that includes the short vowel corresponding to the number.

6. The player writes the word on the writing page.

7. The player then covers the picture on the game board.

8. The first player to cover five pictures in a row, column, or diagonal line wins the game.

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1. This game could be changed to include pictures of words with consonant/vowel digraphs.

2. This game could be changed to include pictures of words with prefixes and suffixes.

3. This game could be modified to include pictures of words with certain same letter beginnings.