Rowe & Dunn

5th Grade - Jan. 30 to Feb. 3rd


Tuesday & Thursday: Science MAP Testing

Lunch Menu:

Monday:Classic Ham & Cheese Sandwich Grilled Cheeseburger Chicken Quesadilla Tater Tots

Tuesday: Beef Finger w/ Roll Chicken Parmesan w/ Breadstick Taco Pizza Mixed Veggies


This week in reading we will examine main idea and supporting details of our story, "Disaster in Space". We will also review informational text features. We will work on grammar skills of knowing when to use their/they're/there.

Spelling- Unit 15; test in Friday

Vocabulary - Unit 15; Geometry words; test on Friday

Comprehension test on Friday


This week in math we will review and test on Unit #8: Multiply & Divide Fractions. Students will complete the review in class on Monday and we will test on Tuesday on both vocabulary and content. On Wednesday we will start Unit #9: Geometry. Students will learn the difference between area, perimeter, and volume. They will learn the formulas of each and when to use them. We are in topic 13 in the Envision workbook.


This week we will be completing our Changes in the Natural World Unit! We will be completing a lab on the Water Cycle-- where students will create a water cycle in a bag, and tape it to a window; then the sun will create heat in the bag and the water cycle will begin! Students will write observations over the week to show the differences their bag shows each day. Students will also complete a Weather vs. Climate lab where they must tell the difference between photos, and what the difference is to further their understanding of the way weather and climate are different.

In the middle of the week we will start a Meteorologist Project were students work with a partner to show the weather changes the state they have chosen goes through during the week, while also touching on their average climate; this will give the students an opportunity to really show what they know about weather symbols, climate and even the water cycle. These will be presented to the class Friday before we start the review for their test on Unit 7 and 8 on Tuesday, February 7th.

Social Studies

This week we will be working on Week 16 in our Studies Weekly Newspapers. This week is a review on the beginning of Westward Expansion, the Industrial Revolution and the divide between the Northern and Southern states. We well watch videos over the Louisiana Purchase, and the Star Spangled Banner to make those connections further. At the end of the week there will be a Quiz over the newspaper and what they have read.