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Announcements and Updates! 11/26/18

Welcome Back!

I hope you all enjoyed some time with family and friends this week as we reflect on the many things we are thankful for! Here are some announcements and updates before we enter the month of December.

New School Website Launches This Week!

We are so excited for our new district and school websites to will go live, November 26th! Make sure to check it often, as we will be continuously updating it with new and current information.

The First Trimester Ends this week!

This week, the first trimester of the school year ends. This means teachers will finish assessing students and begin report card grades.

Therefore, November 28th - 30th, will be early release days.

Wednesday, November 28th, Early Release Kindergarten @12:22, Grades 1-5 @1:10pm, SDC classes @ 1:20
Thursday, November 29th, Early Release Kindergarten @12:22, Grades 1-5 @1:10pm, SDC classes @ 1:20

Friday, November 30th, Regular Early Release Day , Kindergarten 12:23pm, Grades 1-5 1:37pm. SDC 1:47pm

Changes in our Office Staff

I'd like to inform you that Krista Richey has taken a position as Creekside Middle School's new office secretary. This will be her last week working at Proctor, and will begin at Creekside Monday, December 3rd replacing Luanne Halloran, who is retiring.

Mrs. Yvette Jennings will be Proctor's substitute Secretary during this transitional time, as she has worked in the Proctor office in the past. The process to hire a replacement has already begun, and we will keep you posted as we find a qualified candidate.

Krista, will be dearly missed. Her kind and happy spirit in the office always makes everyone feel welcome, and we greatly appreciate all that she has done for Proctor students, staff, and families. We thank Krista for her years of committed service to Proctor and the school community as a whole. We wish her the very best in her new position at Creekside, as they are lucky to have her.

Attached you will find a letter from Krista to the school community:

Fire Victim Care Kits!

Have you wanted to encourage your child to help others in need especially during the holiday seasons?

Well this year at Proctor, we are setting up a hands-on way for your child to do just that. Mrs. Mills (Proctor parent), and Mrs. Ghereben are working on plans to host an on campus event where the children can build care kits for those in need. In order to make this successful we need parent assistance. Depending on the amount of donations and committed parent help received we will either have the building of the care kits available to the children during 1-2 recesses and lunch for 1 day or if we have enough donations and parents volunteers we will have 2 full days available for the teachers to sign up and bring their entire class over to participate. We will not know which schedule it will be until we know what we have received.

Please bring all items to school the week of Dec 3rd-7th so that we have time to collect and sort them prior to the Care kit building the following week on Monday, the 10th and/or Tuesday the 11th.

Kindergarten- New socks adult sizes

First Grade- Fruit cups or applesauce pouches

Second Grade- chewy Granola or Cereal Bars

Third Grade- Warm Hats

Fourth Grade- Gloves

Fifth Grade- Packs of Crackers filled with cheese

If you would like to help for this event or your family/business would like to contribute other items to this event please contact Tracy Mills (707)330-7422, or

Here is the link with all the information needed for this project!

Safety Drill Notification

This week we will be holding a fire drill. This involves practicing evacuating the school to the upper playground in a safe, quick and orderly way, ensuring all staff, students, and parent volunteers are accounted for. Students will be reminded about procedures, and expectations involving a school evacuation/drill.

Parking Lot Safety Reminders!

As we return back from Thanksgiving week, I'd like to remind you of the parking lot rules and procedures we have set forth in our Proctor Student/Parent Handbook. It has recently come to my attention, that there have been some near misses with a student almost being struck by a vehicle last week, and a teacher's car being clipped due to cars driving through the center parking lot island. This is unsafe, and cannot happen moving forward.

Parents/Drivers Rules:

- Please do not park in any red zones on or campus around the school campus on Redwood Road and Proctor

Drivers must wait for students in the inside lane while circling the parking lot and then proceed to the outside lane for loading.

- Drivers may only stop to pick-up students in the loading area along the white curb. Please pull all the forward to allow for more cars to use this space behind you.

- Students may NOT walk unattended to a vehicle in the parking lot. If you have a medical limitation and need assistance, notify the office.

- Drivers must NOT drive through the center Parking Lot Island, as there is a walking crosswalk in the center of this space for students and parents to safely walk through to their parked vehicle. Please back out of your parking space, and drive around the island towards exit.

- Drivers must follow California Traffic Laws such as:

- No cell phone usage

- Be a role model: use the cross-walk at all times in the parking lot

- Avoid parking in red zones

- Avoid double parking

- Stop for pedestrians in cross walks

- Follow the right of way laws

- Be courteous to other drivers, pedestrians and staff

This week, I will also be out during the afternoon pick-up to help enforce these rules as the safety of our students, parents, and staff is one of my top priorities.

Proctor Calendar of events!

This calendar is available on the Proctor Website, and is updated frequently. Check our website for any changes or additions. Hopefully this calendar will help you plan and adjust your family events as the year goes by.