By: Irwin Lopez

Where is the point of origin and how did it spread?

Confucianism originated as an ethical-sociopolitical teaching during the Spring and Autumn Period. It spread from East Asia outward, Confucius tried to spread his philosophies and teachings, but was rejected in many places, then went to Vietnam, Korea, and then Japan.

Where is it most influential and how many followers does it have wordlwide?

Confucianism is most influential in the far East, primarily in China and contains about 6,300,000 followers

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There are no leadership in the religion because there is more than one God or Prophets, just those who teach or spread it. The founder of this religion is Kong Qui born around 552 B.C.E and believed that all people are good, that you should respect and follow your elders, ancestors should be worshiped. Yin and Yang represent opposite forces that balance out everything in life. Since the philosophy was rejected in so many places, there is not any formal sects of the religion.