Little Steps Pediatric Therapy News

May 2018



Hopefully the cold and snowy days are in the past and sunny, warmer days are ahead of us. Time to get the kiddos outside to enjoy longer days and warmer weather.

We are excited to announce the opening of our Wilmette Clinic in Mid-May.

Address: 1123 Greenleaf Avenue, Wilmette, IL 60091


4 sessions:

  • June 11-13
  • June 25-29
  • July 16-20
  • August 6-10

Bike camp will run from 3:30-4:30 Monday-Friday, weather permitting.

Jaime Neidenbach, physical therapist, will be performing bike evaluations to group kiddos with similar needs, skills and abilities in order to determine the best learning style for your kiddo.

Spots are filling up FAST! If your child is interested in learning how to ride a bike without training wheels or with pedals please contact Steve at or 847-707-6744.

Preschool Readiness Program

Wednesdays & Fridays

By: Vanesa Corado

The Preschool Readiness Program at Little Steps promotes early learning for children who have not yet met preschool age. The program tries to teach alongside the requirements elementary schools are most currently looking for. Our PRP works with various aspects that try to engage our children socially, intellectually, physically, and emotionally.

The program focuses on hands on activities so children can explore and learn in their environment to create curiosity and promote learning. Social interaction also creates a unique peer learning environment that encourages children to reach their highest potential. Activities are created alongside the children and their needs in order to reach achievement and ultimately academic success.

Our Preschool Readiness Program Practices:

  • Social Interaction
  • Peer Learning
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Gross Motor Skills
  • Pre-writing Skills
  • Pre-language Skills
  • Pre-Reading Skills
  • Math, Science, and Reading integrated activities
  • Aid in transitioning from activity to activity
  • Creating a positive learning environment
If interested please contact Steve at or 847-707-6744

New Team Members

Language Development in Young Children

Big picture

By: Shelby Coren, MS, CFY-SLP

This pyramid demonstrates the hierarchy in which we acquire language. These skills are the building blocks needed to be effective communicators

Attention and listening (Bottom Tier): We need to be alert and aware of others and the environment around us in order to learn how to communicate and play.

Play and interaction: Communication is reciprocal. Young children can learn this by interacting with others through play. Delays in this area may consist of lack of eye contact or difficulty engaging with others in play.

Receptive language: This is our comprehension of language. We need to understand language in order to produce it. Delays in this area may consist of difficulty following directions or identifying body parts.

Expressive language: This is the language that we produce. We use expressive language to get our wants and needs met. Delays in this area may consist of limited verbal output and not using words consistently or independently.

Speech sounds (Top Tier): As children begin talking more, they will also have their speech sounds develop. Not all sounds develop at the same time, which can make it difficult to understand children until all of their sounds come in.

Typical Grasp Pattern Development

Physical Activities in the North Shore/North Suburbs


By: Brittney Ferrone, PT, DPT

May is National Fitness and Sports Month! There is no better way to welcome warm weather than enrolling in a sport or activity. Participating in a sport or gym class can help your child improve their strength and endurance, improve their coordination skills, develop friendships, and learn valuable lessons about being a team player. These activities can serve as an adjunct to their current therapy sessions or assist in transitioning them into a new activity after discharging from therapy services.

Below you will find a document including various sports programs and fitness classes in the Northshore. These include soccer programs, baseball programs, programs run through the park districts, swimming classes, gymnastics and dance classes, and martial arts programs. Also remember to check many of these classes and programs again for their upcoming summer schedules. So, who’s ready to #MoveinMay!”

Fun Activities

Spring Language Activity:

Go to the park!

There are so many opportunities to incorporate language into your trip to your neighborhood park.

Slide: Prepositions! Go “up” and “down” the slide. Hide “under” it.

Swings: Hold your child in the swing and say “ready, set…” push when they say “go!” Stop the swing and have your child request “more!”

Sandbox: Verbs! “Build,” “dump,” “pour,” and “scoop.” Vocabulary! Bring toy molds, such as animals or beach items.

5 Fine Motor Activities for Your Child’s Pencil Grasp

Sensory Motor Scavenger Hunt

The Inspired Treehouse has created an outdoor sensory motor scavenger hunt. It is the perfect way to explore the sense and the outdoors!

Go outside. Have fun. Get creative