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Our Mission

Origami Owl's Mission Statement is to be a force for good, to love, inspire and motivate people of all ages to reach their dreams and empower them to make a difference in the lives of others. We take that mission statement seriously here at The Evergreen Nest and we are committed to loving and serving people well through our individual Origami Owl businesses. That includes you! I'm so glad you are considering this opportunity.

For us, this is about SO MUCH MORE than jewelry. It is an opportunity to meet new people, to hear their stories, and to bless them with amazing O2 (Origami Owl) experiences. It is also an opportunity for us to grow as individuals, to try something new, to go places we have never been, and to experience success we have only dreamed of before. Joining the Evergreen Nest also gives you the chance to join not one, but THREE amazing teams of dedicated, hard-working, team-oriented people. You will have more help and support than you know what to do with. Our teams are the fastest growing in all of Origami Owl, and you will soon see why!

In addition to being a force for good, meeting new people, telling stories, and joining a great team, did you also know that Origami Owl offers affordable insurance to designers? And tuition assistance? Yep! We do!

In short, this is an amazing opportunity and we cannot wait to share it with you.

The Origami Owl Business Opportunity

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The Evergreen Nest, The Best Nest & Team Believe

Why should you choose me as your mentor?

Well, when you join my team, you'll be joining not 1, but 3 incredible teams. There is the team that I lead called "The Evergreen Nest" (founded in Washington State). My mentor, Beth Blemaster, leads "The Best Nest." And our direct to corporate, Tami Butcher, leads "Team Believe." Each of us is committed to walking with you and helping you as you start your Origami Owl journey. You are not alone and I take my role as your mentor very seriously.

You will quickly learn that you've joined one of the most amazing Origami Owl teams out there. Beth and Tami are ON TOP OF all of the latest O2 news and information. There are training videos, mentoring calls, and tons and tons of free and shared resources to help you grow your business. We have private Facebook groups from a little more than 12 all the way up to over 8,000 other women just like you---working and learning and growing together. These women are so much fun, super goofy, incredibly passionate, and REALLY good at what they do. You'll see what I mean when you join!

How to Make Money with O2

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How to Make Money in Origami Owl *NEW Video*
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Soar to Success

Finally, this is the incredible incentive program offered to new Origami Owl Designers in an effort to help encourage you to launch your business successfully and enable you to hear hundreds of dollars of free product and business supplies! Check it out:
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Humble Beginnings: The Origami Owl Story

Humble Beginnings: The Origami Owl Story

The Evergreen Nest

The Evergreen Nest is OUR team. Founded by Kate McKenzie in November of 2013, we are named for our founding location: Washington State.

I want you to know that as your mentor, I am committed to being available to help you launch your business. This means I am here to answer your questions, attend and help out at your initial Jewelry Bars (if you're local), support you and pray for you. I consider it an honor to introduce you to Origami Owl (what I believe will become your dream job) and am serious about being available to you whenever you need. All of my contact information is below.

"The only way to do great work is to love what you do." -Steve Jobs