GlobalWay North America roll-out

Raynet Newsletter #3

Friday, August 1, 2014

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Blueprint workshops 100% completed

The 64 workshops planned with the Core Team and the Plant Process Owners are done.

Gaps & Open points identified

As of today, 34 Gaps between GlobalWay Template and North America target processes have been identified.

122 Open points are under investigation.

Project team moving to new offices!

The lease contract for the new premises has been signed by Nasir Bukhari the 23rd of July.

Moving planned for the 18th of August.

Next steps...

Data mapping workshops will be conducted during the next weeks.

In August, the core team will build a prototype of the solution in the sandbox. This prototype will be reviewed with Raynet Global Subject Matter Experts and Global Solution Leads (Week 36 in Grenoble) before being demonstrating into the 5 Plants in September and October.

Contact me for further information

Yves Blanc - GW NA Efficiency Leader