The reason why you you're liked online


Identify yourself: Begin messages with a salutation and end them with your name.

Include a subject line. Give a descriptive phrase in the subject line of the message header that tells the topic of the message

Avoid sarcasm. People who don't know you may misinterpret its meaning.

  • Respect others' privacy. Do not quote or forward personal email without the original author's permission.
  • No spam (a.k.a. junk mail). Don't contribute to worthless information on the Internet by sending or responding to mass postings of chain letters, rumors, etc.
  • Use appropriate emoticons (emotion icons) to help convey meaning. Use "smiley's" or punctuation such as :-) to convey emotions. See website list of emoticons at and
  • Use appropriate intensifiers to help convey meaning.
    • Avoid "flaming" (online "screaming") or sentences typed in all caps.
    • Use asterisks surrounding words to indicate italics used for emphasis (*at last*).
    • Use words in brackets, such as (grin), to show a state of mind.
    • Use common acronyms (e.g., LOL for "laugh out loud").
  • Privacy

    You must be careful with this. For you and whoever you're skyping. Privacy is what the internet wants. It wants your info. So think twice before giving out things like your age, name, location and anything dealing with your bank account. For safe measures, put in fake information that you know has nothing to deal with you in real life. But when it comes to someone else. Keep that to them and them only. You don't want to know literally who they are the first time you meet to them. There are some things too personal for them to say or too absurd for you to know or deal with. Literally there could be a creepy old man on the other side and you don't want to know that and why they're on a kids only website. That's none of your business
    When online be sure you know who you're talking to. If you're expecting to talk to your friend or family member, be sure that it's them. If you're unsure on who that is don't talk to them. Plain and simple. Now lets change the scenario. Imagine that you're talking to your college principal or your job employer. If they do not remember who you are give them something formal to know and recall who you are. Something simple like "Excuse (Whoever), this is (your name) from (Wherever). And I wanted to contact you about (whatever is going on that you need information about)." Then they'll be sure to answer it knowing that it wasn't junk mail.


    Netiquette is important because no one knows how you actually feel online. So make sure to convey your feelings or tell what you want to say in a manner in which it is supposed to be spoken in in real life.