TLT Fall Semester Training

Technology Training to Transform your Teaching

This Week's Feature Presentation -- OAKS Content

This hands-on session will give you an overview of how to add files, links, audio and video files to your OAKS courses to share with your students. This session will focus on the vocabulary used in the tool, how to upload files from your computer as well as how to add links to content on the web.

Feel free to bring your own course materials and syllabi to use in this class. If you don't have anything you'd like to use, sample materials will be provided for you.

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Coming Attractions...

The TLT Fall Blockbuster Training Series will begin the week of August 19th and contunie for the duration of the Fall semester. For a full list of sessions, please visit If you'd like more information, please contact Amy Ostrom, Instructional Technologist for the School of the Arts, at