Henry Knox

250 pound wonder


There is a man, his hands are now strong from farming and working in the harbor, he lives in a mansion, in the new Massachusetts, he remembers poverty,and his children, and his army. This man is Henry Knox born in poverty in July 25,1750. He lost 6 of his siblings, while his father left and died in the Indies, so he had to drop out of 5th grade to support his family with the only ability to read and write. In his later years, he is an accomplished military general with an interesting background, he rose in the ranks with a famous companion, providing the military, and worked even during his retirement while earning honorary titles.

Research Highlights

Henry's Backgrounds

  • poor family
  • Lucy Flucker's background
  • 300 mile journey to Fort Ticonderoga
  • American victory in Boston
  • 3 promotions until retirement as a Secretary of war
  • retired and helped support Massachussets