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Term 3 Week 10 - 1st October 2021


Kia ora e te whanau

As we come to the end of Term Three, I would like to thank whanau for ensuring that students got back to school and engaged with their learning after the disruption of our Covid-19 lockdown. We have much work to do to make sure that our students can still be successful in 2021 despite the interruption to our studies. The next two weeks of holidays offer us an opportunity to rejuvenate ourselves but we must be ready for a return to Term Four which is serious, committed and purposeful. This week’s assembly on perseverance was a good reminder of what it takes to succeed - the effort required to go the distance and keep going even when we feel we have worked really hard already.

Navigating the Internet and Social Media

We are aware as whanau and teachers that the online world offers our young people access to ideas and knowledge beyond local physical limits and we know they are lucky to grow up in a society where such rich information is readily available. Of course, this is not without its complications- anyone can publish on the internet, create websites, upload tik tok videos - there are so many ways people can access an audience to present their views. When our students are trying to engage with the world and learn about it, it is important that we help direct them to sources of information which are reliable and that we help them to think critically about the information they are shown.

Asking questions about the Authority, Reliability, Currency, Relevancy and Comprehensiveness of the information presented, helps our students to think critically about what they are viewing or reading.

Some questions for them to consider are -

  • Who is the author of the site?

  • Do they give their qualifications / credentials?

  • Do they have authority in this area of study / science / knowledge?

  • What is the purpose of the site?

  • Do they provide readers with contact details?

You can often gauge the reliability of a site by checking the domain in the URL. Is it from an educational institution (edu or ac), a government site (gov or govt) or is it commercial (com or co). This can help you to consider what the purpose of the site is. How comprehensive the site is will also give you some understanding of the site’s purpose - does it provide thorough information and does it give a range of perspectives?

Our young people are grappling with a significantly complex world. They have to navigate their way through a barrage of information on world issues which will impact their lives such as Covid-19 or Climate Change. It is really important that we do not let them rely on a Tiktok video to determine their understanding and limit their perspective. Talk to them, keep an open dialogue, look up further information together and help them to use the internet critically so that the power that lies in information, lies in their hands not the influencers and presenters.

During these holidays some Trident staff remain busy at school. The Maori department is hosting year eight students on Monday 4th October for a day of Mau Rakau (you can email for details), we have a two day Theatre Skills programme for year 7 and 8 students on Monday 4th and Tuesday 5th October (check it out online) and our senior Art students will be in school at the beginning and the end of the holidays for four days of workshopping to complete their boards. The school site is closed from Wednesday 6th - Wednesday 13th for the completion of building renovations on M block.

Many thanks to all our teachers and support staff for their mahi this term. Their efforts for our students are truly appreciated and I wish them a safe and relaxing break. Look after whanau, enjoy the holidays and return invigorated for the final term of 2021.

Nga mihi

Adrienne Scott-Jones

B.A. (Hons), P.G.C.E



We are very pleased to announce that we are accepting enrolments for 2022.

On our website you will find all relevant information, application forms and links to book interviews as part of the Year 9 Enrolment process​.

Please find our 2022 Prospectus - Ngā Tapuwae - by clicking the button below where you can read a collection of narratives that share journeys through Trident, from those who know us best. Through these journeys we have captured our people, our values and our school culture.


  • Monday 18th October - Start of Term 4
  • Wednesday 20th October - Year 8 Open Day & Evening
  • Wednesday 20th October - Senior Independent Learning Day
  • 21st - 27th October - Benchmark Exams and Course Completion
  • Monday 25th October - Labour Day Holiday
  • Thursday 4th November - Subject Information Evening (Yr10 - Yr12)
  • Tuesday 9th November - Whanau Meetings (Yr9 - Yr13)
  • Saturday 13th November - School Ball


Tailoring our programmes to students needs and in line with our subject specialist teachers, we are so pleased to offer a wide range of subjects to our students. Further to that we are proud to offer our Year 9 students the opportunity to study 13 out of 17 Year 9 Option Subjects outside of the Core Subjects. Through the 3 Rotations they study 12 subjects and then choose an additional subject that they study for half the year.

For more information please head over to our website to check out the range of subjects and further descriptions of these.


This year internal subjects will be running alongside benchmark exams. This means all students who take a subject that does not have an exam are expected to be in school following their normal timetable. This way those with internal assessments due will be able to continue working to gain the credits needed to complete their NCEA level. If your student has a mixture of internal and external courses they are expected to attend any internal classes when not in an exam. If there are any questions your student can speak to their Whanau teacher.
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Excellence Endorsed

Haukiri Te Kurapa – Morehu

Merit Endorsed

Te Rangimoaho Peyroux

Hinekura Morehu-Te Kurapa

Tanekaha Mariu

Kobe Petelo

Manawaru Rangihau

Charlice Bryce

Ashley Grant

Te Rau Smallman-Mariu


For commitment towards Trident school life through Sports, Culture and Academics

Kia Manawanui / Showing courage

Hinemaringi Scott - Head Girl / Sports

Lemarius Te Riini - Attendance

Ono Mariri Greening Rangiaho - Attendance and Academic Achievement

Nate Williams - Attendance and Academic Achievement

Tahupotiki Wrathall - Attendance, Sport and Kapa Haka

Wiri Rikihana - Attendance and Academic Achievement

Stanley Wharepapa-Morehu - Kapa Haka and Academic Achievement

Chakotay Douglas - Kapa Haka and Academic Achievement

Te Amohia Headifen - Attendance and Academic Achievement


Year 11

Haukiri Te Kurapa – Morehu - Level 1 Excellence through diligence and Sport

Year 12

Wiri Rikihana - Attendance & Level 2 Achievement through diligence

Year 13

Stanley Wharepapa-Morehu - Kapa Haka and Level 3 Achievement through diligence


Congratulations to Charles Blackburn who, this week, was voted in as our new Student Representative for 2021/22.

"Yesterday I was elected student representative for Trident High School. I am very honored to receive this role. I have always loved Trident and want to improve and contribute to our school with my peers and my own ideas. I thoroughly congratulate Hannah and Dom (who were also nominated to run for student rep) for their courage and hope they can continue providing ideas and support for our school. Please feel free to reachout to me and I thank you all for your support."


Wow, these tables are fantastic. The Year 13 Wood Tech students who made these solid picnic tables are adding finishing touches (oiling and painting) to them before they head to their new homes around our school. The tables will be a welcome asset to our school and a lasting legacy that the Year 13 students will leave for many generations of Trident students to enjoy. Thank you to Mr Rowland and his Year 13 Wood Tech students for their mahi in creating these fabulous tables.


Over the next two days a group of Gateway students are attending a Level 3 Leadership course. The course focuses on: the type of skills you need in the workplace; how to listen to and give instructions; how to work as part of a team and how to step up into positions of responsibility and lead others.

Thanks to all the students who have stepped up and taken up this opportunity. Once the students have completed this course the credits will look great on their CVs for both part time and full time roles.


2PES students completed an 18.5km walk on Wednesday in place of their Camp and Tramp that was due to take place during lockdown. The students were absolute troopers and were a great team in leading each other whilst monitoring the safety management of the group. Well done everyone.


Futures Academy for 2022

Mrs Haines and Ms Wildash are currently interviewing students for the Futures Academy 2022. There are some exciting new courses including boat handling, early childhood education and our regular programs, construction, automotive, agriculture, boat building, engineering, hair and beauty, IT, driving, hospitality and tourism. Please see Ms Wildash or Mrs Haines if you are interested. We are seeking applications from Year 11 and 12 students at the moment.

Tertiary Study for 2022

Students can see Ms Wildash in the Careers Hub for support completing applications.

Students should also check out and

Student Allowance

Year 13 students who have turned 18 may be eligible for a student allowance, please see Ms McGowan for more information.

Career Counselling and Support

Appointments are available with the careers staff. Students and whanau should contact Ms Wildash at or 0274995300 to arrange a time.

The new Careers Hub is located next to the library and here you will find Ms Amy Wildash Careers Specialist, Ms Karen Benge and Ms Jeanette Pleitje (Gateway) and Mrs Cindy Lee, and Mrs Jo McGowan (Futures Academy). Pop in and let us help you plan your future.

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Well done to all the students and staff who brought cans along on Wednesday for our "Cans For Good" non-uniform day. Together we collected over 800 cans. These cans will go to the Salvation Army Food Bank.
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Year 13 Japanese students were treated to an Escape Room activity - they went to Japan for an hour! The activities were centered around a trip to Japan with students receiving their passport, boarding pass and money at the door to the 'plane' and then travelling first to our Sister City, Kamagaya and then on to other exciting destinations such as Kyoto, Nara, Hiroshima, Miyajima and Osaka. The students acquitted themselves well with the activities managing to 'escape' before the bewitching hour.


It was a closely contested match and lots of fun for all… the staff narrowly missed out on the win and we congratulate the student team who managed to convert the goals and walk away as winners.


4th November: P2 - Drama Room (Dance)

5th November: 1:20 to 3pm, Drama Room (vocal audition chorus and leads)

Also audition via video clip - send in a song or dance you have done via video to Mrs Robb Register your interest in production, by signing up to audition or sending an email to Mrs Robb.


Congratulations Trident XI Girls' Hockey.

Tuesday saw the girls play the Final for the BOP Secondary School Competition against Ruamata. We travelled to Rotorua and due to Covid restrictions spectators were not allowed inside the turf. We had our mind set on taking out the top spot after coming 2nd in the first round, so the girls were up for the challenge. Scoring early was the key and we did this minutes into the game. Ruamata matched us and after a good battle it was 2 all in the 3rd quarter. To score off a fantastic penalty corner to take the lead 3-2 going into the last quarter was really exciting. The girls played amazing to keep the attacks from Ruamata defended in the last quarter and we held on to take the win 3-2. Lots of hard work and commitment got us there and we are really proud of their efforts. A special mention to our Year 13 girls Captain Demi Oliver and Vice Captain Kyra Maui who have led the team all season and helped build a positive team environment for next year. We wish these two girls all the best for the future.

Womens Sunday Competition

The girls committed to playing Sundays in the Women's Competition early in May to help build skills and improve their hockey development. With six Women's Teams in the Comp and playing everyone twice it was a long season after the interruption of Covid. Sunday we played for the 3/4th spot against Whakatane High School. We came out firing and played a great team game and won 3 nil to take 3rd place in the Competition. A big shout out to all the girls for the season. It was FUN!

A huge thankyou to Aaron Box an ex student and hockey player of Trident taking on the role of coach this year. He has brought his hockey knowledge and calm nature to the role and what a great way to end the year with a fantastic win.

Thank you to Lizzy Horlock for her mentoring and support and our families that helped throughout the season.


On Thursday night the boys travelled over to Rotorua to play in the A Grade Final. The two teams were very evenly matched throughout the game. Fantastic work by our defence and goalie Charles Blackburn to keep the first quarter scoreless. Tauhara put the first points on the board in the second quarter and again in the third quarter giving them a 2/0 lead. Trident continued to keep the pressure on and in the final quarter Tridents Brad Rothwell scored off a fantastic drag flick to put the boys on the board. Unfortunately Trident were unable to even up the score and Tauhara took the win 2-1. It was a very even game and we are super proud of the way the boys played good hard clean hockey. Last game for our 4 Year 13's Lukas Buchan, Jacob Bridge, Michael Esterhuizen and Te Manutai Moses McRoberts, these boys have represented Trident for the last 5 years and been outstanding members of the team. We wish them all the best for the next stage in their journey. Big thanks again to coaches Gavin Rothwell and Choc Maxwell for giving up their time to coach the boys.


Below is the link to order sports photos online. There are also envelopes in the office if you want to do a cash order.


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The 2021 Scholarship Round is now open. Further information and application forms are

available on the Public Trust website:

Applications must be completed on the website by 5pm, Sunday 17th October 2021.

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Open Days/Enrolment Week – October 18th and October 21st

All welcome to come along, have a hit and find out more information. Rackets available at the club.

• Monday 18th October: 3:30-4:30 (5–10-year-olds) 4:30-5:30 (11–18-year-olds)

• Thursday 21st October: 3:30-4:30 (5–10-year-olds) 4:30-5:30 (11-18-year-olds)

“Kick Start” Holiday Program – Week Two of the October Holidays

Monday 11th, Tuesday 12th and Thursday 14th of October – 3 sessions per day

• 9am-11am (5- 8-year-olds)

• 11am-1pm (9-13-year-olds)

• 1pm- 3pm (14-18-year-olds)

No registration needed. $5 per child per session. Bring sneakers, sunblock, water, and snacks. Rackets available at the club.

For any queries please contact:

Mark or 021 107 4389 (Coach)

Kim or 021 129 9943 (Junior Coordinator)


What do Sonny Bill Williams, Portia Woodman and Rieko Ioane all have in common? They all did athletics while they were at school. The skills you learn in athletics are the perfect foundation for almost any sport. Our local athletics club, Whakatane Athletics & Harriers is welcoming new members now. They provide everything that you need to give it a go. To find out more contact your local club at

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Trident High School has opted into the government’s Optional Donations Scheme in 2021-2022
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Our school has been working with SchoolDocs to create a website for our policies and procedures. We are excited to announce that the site is now live and available to our school community.

The school works on a subscription basis with SchoolDocs to maintain, update, and review our policies. SchoolDocs provides us with a comprehensive core set of policies, which have been well researched and follow the Ministry of Education National Administration Guidelines. The policies and procedures are tailored to our school, and the school supplies specific information such as our charter, and procedures for behaviour management, reporting to parents, etc.

SchoolDocs updates, modifies, or creates policies in response to changes in legislation or Ministry guidelines, significant events, reviews/requests from schools, and regular reviewing from the SchoolDocs team. Our board of trustees has the opportunity to view changes/additions and comment on them before they are implemented. We will advise you when policies are up for review and how you can take part in the review.

We invite you to visit the site at (note that there's no "www."). Our username is "trident" and password "courage".

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