Weekly Newsletter

Wilson-First Grade 12/15/14


Our Winter Parties will be this Thursday!

Movie and Pajama Day will be on Friday!

Thank you for helping your learner share your precious family traditions.

Great Expectations

Life Principle of the week:

Justice- being fair, right and upholding what is right.


"The ones that you should try to get even with are the ones who have helped you."-Author Unknown

Skill of Success:

Walk away from bullying or teasing and report it to an adult.

Dates to Remember

12/15 (Monday) - PTO meeting

12/18 (Thursday) - Class Winter Party

12/19 (Friday) - Movie and Pajama Day!

12/22-1/4 - Winter Break

Language Arts

Over the next two weeks we will continue to focus on writing cohesive sentences, writing on topic, interviewing people, and gathering information throughout our next PBL.


We will continue working on our graphing unit. Learners will learn how to collect data using pictures and transfer the information into a graph.

Science/Social Studies

Our PBL unit is focused on different holidays and celebrations around the world. Learners will focus on their own customs and traditions.