Kyle E. and Arnel T.

Properties of Magnets

  • attract iron or materials that contain iron
  • attract or repel other magnets
  • point north when they swing freely

Magnetic Poles

2 types of poles-

  • north
  • south

Interacting poles-

  • like poles repel
  • unlike poles attract
Interacting poles

Magnetic Force

2 types of force-

  • push
  • pull

The relationship between magnetic force and poles-

Magnetic force either repels or attracts magnets.

Magnetic Fields

1. A magnetic field is the area of magnetic force around a magnet

2. How is distance determined?

It's based on the strength of the magnetic force- strong force= closer together and weak force= farther apart.

3. Strength of field lines-

  • closer to the poles= stronger
  • farther from the poles= weaker

Magnetic Domains

1. This is a photo of magnetic domains in a magnetic material and a non- magnetic material-------------------------------------------------------------->

2. Magnetism is affected by magnetic domains-

If all of the domains are pointing in the same direction the material is magnetized, if they are all pointing in random directions the material is not magnetized.