Gate way to the mind

How to use Lumosity

The app will let you chose a time you will play the app. When you do it will give you puzzles that will help you focus thought-out the day. The more you do it the better you will focus. Witch helps me foces through class and if i can't focus i just sleep

What the app does for me

It helps me focus get smarter and also helps me see little changes through out the day i would of not noticed. Now i have gotten more focused then before and more energetic. through out the day.

What does the app do for me in class

Lets me play a fun game while tiring classes helps me focus on something. Makes me less tired through out the day. Small games help me get more focus since I really don't pay attention in classes i already know what to do such as this class.


Pro i can play games

Con i can play games in class

Pro Helps me focus

Con To focus on game

Pro Helps me think

Con Helps me think on the wrong subject

Pro Helps me fight sleep

Con I do need sleep

Will i keep using this app

Well yes if i did not like this app why would i write about it