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March 8, 2019

Upcoming Events

March 11- NO SCHOOL- Professional Learning Day

March 12- Volleyball practice begins

March 12-Boys Basketball Recognition Night 6PM

March 14- 8th Grade History Night 6:30-8PM

March 18-Volleyball Games Begin

March 18 (Week of)- Middle School Science Fair

March 19- Solo & Ensemble Festival at Central Middle School 4-8PM

March 25-29- NO SCHOOL- Spring Break

Off To The Races...NOT!

PLEASE, PLEASE slow down in the parking lot. We've had several cars driving much to fast- especially during pick up/drop off times. Thank you!

Extra Clothes

Please remember to send back to school the clothes that your child wore home when they needed a change of clothes. We have a very limited supply of "extra clothes" on hand. Thank you!

Someone else picking up?

If your child is being picked up by someone other than you, please send a note indicating who has permission to pick up your child. Thank you!


Our school year is moving quickly, and it’s time to order your copy of the yearbook. Please click HERE (enter code: 9968019) to order on-line or watch for forms to be sent home next week. You have until March 31st to place on-line orders, however if you wish to pay in cash or by check, order forms need to be turned in by Friday, March 22nd. You must order in advance and by the deadline. Thank You!

Quick Reminder

If a student is going to take a bus home with a friend, they need a note from the office. Students need to take parent written notes to the office in exchange for an official bus pass. The bus drivers will not let a student on their bus if they are not a scheduled rider and will not let students off the bus at a stop that is not their usual stop without a note from the office.

Open Enrollment

The open enrollment window is open until April 30th.

Please visit the Erin School website for more information.

Students who are currently open enrolled DO NOT need to reapply.

Drop Off/Pick Up Procedure Reminders

Drop Off - The best place to drop off students prior to 7:30 a.m. is door 6. Door 1 is unlocked at 7:15 a.m. and door 3 is unlocked at 7:30.

Any children arriving before 7:30 a.m. must come through door 6 (Multi-purpose room). This means parents should drop their children off in the back of the school using the entrance off of Hwy O which is west of the school. If students enter through door 1 (Office), prior to 7:30 a.m. an adult must accompany them.

At 7:30 a.m., door 3 (Gym) will be unlocked. All students must report to multi-purpose room if they are not with an adult.

At 7:50 a.m., door 13 (Library/Kindergarten) will be unlocked. An adult will be present to greet the students who arrive. Parents walking their child in this door should park in a designated parking stall and make sure their car is not unattended in the fire lane. This is a drop off only lane.

Pick-up -

At 3:16 p.m. door 1 (Office) and 3 (Gym) will be opened.

Fun Fair Silent Auction 2019


Believe it or not the annual Fun Fair is coming up fast!!!! For those of you who have not experienced it before, the Fun Fair is the biggest PTC annual fundraiser of the year. It takes place here on April 13th and is a huge to-do. It is a carnival type event with games, prizes, food, bingo, and a large silent auction. I have been in charge of the silent auction part of the fair for many years. Lots of time and energy is put into it. Each grade has a theme and we ask families to donate items that go with that theme if they are able. These items are used to help fill the baskets that are auctioned off on that day. (These classroom flyers are attached) I also get many donations from outside businesses; who very generously donate a variety of items.

There are many families within our school who own their own businesses or have some type of home based business. (For example;Tupperware,Thirty-One, LuLaRoe, etc.) There are also some who might like to donate a specific item(s) from your family. If any of this applies to you and you would like to make some sort of donation to this year’s silent auction, please let me know. Please do not feel obligated or feel as though you have to donate. This is just to let you know who to contact if you are interested in doing so.

Thank you very much.

Mrs. Deann Schultz (4K)

262-673-3720 ex. 4108

Baskets and containers needed please!!

4K Theme: Family Fun

5K Theme: Disney/Superhero

1st Gr. Theme: Star Wars

2nd Gr. Theme: Family Games and Puzzles

3rd Gr. Theme: Relax At Home

4th Gr. Theme: Wisconsin Sports Teams

5th Gr. Theme: Outdoor Cooking and Camping

Middle School Theme: Money and Gift Cards

Check This Out!

-Parent Empowerment Series: Screen Time Use and Risk In Adolescents

-High School Boys & Girls Tennis. Flyer and Registration

-YMCA Summer Camp at Richfield Middle School. Follow link

-Hartford Park and Rec: Youth Baseball Registration

-Erin Soccer Spring Registration

-H-Club's 10th annual Shamrock Shuffle. Registration. Want to be a sponser?

-Erin Rec Baseball! Sign Up Here

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