Morgan Law Firm

We settle the civil cases in a quick and civilized manner!

Have you recently broken an important promise that could potentially cost you?

Our law firm takes on civil cases, and we have not lost a case! If you answered yes to the question, you need to be prepared! As the Defendant in any case, you have to be aware of what surprises the Plaintiff could bring to the table. The complaint against you is either going to be thrown out or is going to cost you something. Therefore, you will have to inform me of the possible surprises as well. We will be a team.

Have you recently been summoned?

Being summoned, means that you must appear in court. Therefore, we are going to have to work hard to get our evidence together and have enough to meet the preponderance of evidence. We will also have to determine our pleading through you explaining if you completed the accused crime and if so, why you did.

What are the possible outcomes?

The pretrial conference will determine what will be allowed to be shown to the jury, the time-frame of the case, and they will discuss what the settlement of the case will be. A mediation could possibly occur, in which you and the plaintiff will hopefully be able to come to a compromise. During arbitration, the arbitrator will choose one side or the other to support. Then, the trial will give the final verdict of the case from the judge and the jurors. This verdict, if not pleasing to either one of the sides, can be asked to appeal. However, the verdict could also be accepted, and the case will be over, allowing for the settlements to continue.