Finance & Legalities 1415

August Edition

Greeting from Kaesen and Yending!!! *with love*

Hey everyone!!

How was your life as first month of VP/manager/director FL?? So far so good??

hope everyone is doing well =)

Well, let's start with July updates from us =)

July updates

What have been done:


1) Account system team follow up

2) Analyse LCs Program Profit Margin through AMAN report

3) meeting with iGIP & MarComm

4) Internation Congress as CD


1) Team structure development team follow up

1) NTS timeline, JD and small induction

2) MC-LC Training schedule

And yup, we have another FL mate, Patricia as NST FL, And she going to meet you guys very soon *virtually of course*

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People, JULY GONE and it's time to move faster =)

This August, please keep you time with us as WE ARE GOING TO ROCK THIS AUGUST!!

AUGUST Focus !

The sessions' date will be confirmed very soon as doddle form will giving out to filled your time =)

Let's Work it together!!!

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