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So, this is 60....?

No, not yet. As of June 1, I will be 60 in 50 more days. Math has always been my nemesis, so maybe I got this all wrong. I will be 50 in 60 days ? No, not a chance.

It's coming, whether I like it or not, but it beats the heck out of the alternative! This birthday is kind of freaking me out. Maybe because there is less wiggle room on this side of the numbers. Damn numbers. I hate numbers. But it is not about the number assigned to your current earthly status. "Age isn't important unless you are a cheese." Helen Hayes said that. How right she was. The truth is I never really think about my age in association with my activities. Although, somewhere in the warped mind of my former flower child self, I am still seventeen. (just for the record, I like that number) There is nothing about my persona that screams 60. The only screaming that is going on a) is in my head - "HOLY CRAP " 6 0 ??? six zero ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME ?!? b) When I am trying on bras- that screaming is out loud - in Von Maur.

One thing about me, I get over freaking out pretty quickly, and move right into kicking some serious tush! Look, it is what it is. Right? So a plan of action had to be put in place, and "someday" had to become "NOW". My idea a minute right brain needed to slow its roll and help me focus on 2 -3 of those ideas. This year, leading up to my 60th, I had 3 personal goals. 1) restructure my art studio by creating different divisions of my work while trying to stay true and authentic. I am feeling pretty darn good about the work I have accomplished in this area. In fact, I will be spending the summer up in Door County sharing Gallery space, making & selling art ! 2) Become a Certified Creativity Coach- mission accomplished! 3) Get to Italy by the time I turn 60. It looks as though this will have to wait until my 61st. The good news about next year is that The International Association of Hand Papermaking Conference will be in Italy next July! Sounds like a win-win to me! This now gives me time to feed my travel fund so that my trip to Italy will become a realty. One of the important things I have learned as a Certified Creativity Coach is that creatives brains really do function differently . Fighting that fact can make for very frustrating encounters when attempting other endeavors. This is why I am so overjoyed to have become a part of this new & exciting company! At Home is the perfect match for me! I love to decorate, I love design, color & form, and I especially love taking the ordinary, shaking it up a bit, and getting the big WOW factor! Life is too short not to have tried things for which you have passion. It is my sincere wish to share lots of great ideas with you, inspire you, find fabulous products at amazing prices, and be your "on call" Muse" if your creativity needs a boost! Ultimately, I hope that doing what I love will help me get to a place I have loved from afar for so many years. I hope you will visit my site and Facebook page often, and by all means, please share it with friends & family! There are so FANTASTIC things coming up, so stay in touch!

As Promised Earlier this Week - Here is the BEST POPCORN Recipe EVER !


There are so many super fabulous things in this week's FLASH SALE, but if I HAD to choose only two items, these two would be my top pics. The Cielo Beverage Dispenser is absolutely stunning with a sophisticated "shabby chic" look. It holds 17 quarts, and is only 54.49!

The Immersion Blender is probably the most used appliance in my kitchen! At 44.99, this hand blender will earn its place in your kitchen! It purees right in the pot and makes fantastic soups! Salad Dressings, dips, smoothies, pesto, mayonnaise, and blends of velvety smooth sauces and so much more! Also, think Pureed Chilled Soups for Summer! I also have to confess, that when faced with a lumpy gravy situation, my immersion blender saved the day!


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I will offer FREE SHIPPING for any order from the core products in my catalog.

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This offer will expire July 1 2012


I wanted to share my photos of a few of my favorite items that are in the SUPER SALE.

The Blue Wave Bowl is casual, artsy, and a fabulous color - LOVE it!! The Chip and Dip bowls, even without the stand is super fantastic! The bowl is huge with a wide opening which makes it perfect for tortilla chip. There are still many items left, so be sure to check it out!




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