The new 3D printer out of Rogan and David Inc. is something like no one has ever seen before! This new technological device allows users to print objects, not just paper, on the go! This new device is synced with Apple and uses an IPhone app to digitally transmit pictures to the printer, then print them with ease!


The 3D printer solves everyday problems that people didn't even know they had and makes life, just overall easier. With the new 3D printer people no longer have to constrain themselves to just one, with the ability to digitally print using images, the newest pair of shoes, brand new book, or even a cheeseburger can be in the palm of your hand with the push of just one button!


The most important and vital feature of our new product, is the fact that it can print objects. No longer hooking up the paper printer to your computer through the wifi, just download the app, and print as you please. Also the fact that our printer is lightweight and portable, take it on the go and use it whenever you need it!

Effect on Community

This innovative product is useful to everyone. From children whose parents want to get them anew toy in a hurry, to important business men who need to get a copy of that document while in the car on the way to the meeting. The 3D printer will make an impact on everyone in today's society and will be used by all!!