Mary Lucy Cartwright

By Tajah Simone Pinkard

Basic Facts

- Born on December 17th in 1900 in Aynho, United Kingdom

- Died on April 3rd of 1998 in Cambridge, United Kingdom

Mary's Contribution To Mathematics

- Founder of Cartwright's Theorem

- First person to find values using the P-Valent function

- Helped people understand nonlinear oscillations

- First women to become President of the London Mathematical Society {1961-1962}, which let other women know it's not impossible

- Taught at Alice Ottley School for a total of 4 years; but soon went back to do research with Hardy's group {January 1928}

Accomplishments Mary Encountered

- Studied mathematics at St. Hugh's College in Oxford and graduated in 1923

with a First Class degree

- Served as an administrator at Cambridge University & also was ambassador for the mathematical & scientific organizations at the school

-She was appointed by VC Morton who basically told her that if she was really dedicated to mathematics she should read Mathematical books and drop into G.H. Hardy's lessons

- Later on she received a First Class degree on the Final Honours School Examination in Mathematics

- Acknowledged by the Queen of England and was made Commander of the Order of the British Empire