Making A Way Through Life

By Eshita Kashaboina June 2, 2015


Adversities, failures, hardships, etc are all part of how success begins. You can vanquish all those obstacles in your life if you persevere. Perseverance is when you never stop trying until you reach you goals. This can help anyone get through their hardships in life. By retrying, you can make adversities, your triumphs.

Jackie Robinson - Description

Jackie Robinson helped black people get into the major leagues, or just baseball itself. In Jackie Robinson’s Accomplishment reached beyond The Seats, there is an example of when he helped become a catalyst for blacks joining baseball. "Robinson used his workplace - a baseball diamond - to leverage social change. He was successful in showing everyday Americans how unfairly blacks had been treated and why they deserved fair treatment" (Kinsman). This helped more people to see Robinson as a civil rights baseballer. Another example is when he used baseball as a way to reach out to people. "Millions of others read about his exploits on the baseball field in newspapers and magazines, or listened to radio broadcasts. He was a living and breathing monument to U.S. civil rights" (Kinsman). He was showing America that everyone needs equal treatment. Robinson didn’t just impact baseball, he impacted America. He opened up the gates for blacks to join baseball. “There is a reason why so many young black men have tried to follow in Robinson’s footsteps, pouring all their ambitions into the hope of a career as a pro athlete” (Jackie Robinson's Greatness). This is another example of how Jackie Robinson inspired many black people to go do what you want to do. Robinson became a symbol of the civil rights movement, that many blacks looked up to.

Ashes of Roses: Rose vs Uprising: Bella - Compare and Contrast

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Francisco Bucio - Problem/Solution

Francisco Bucio had been a victim in an earthquake measuring 8.1 on a Richter Scale. He was under massive building debris, and his hand was stuck under a steel beam. No one could see him through the debris. Around the area, Francisco's family was searching for him. "But outside the building the determination that runs in the Bucio family was making its mark. His father and six brothers joined countless volunteers digging frantically in the rubble with picks and shovels. His family never lost hope. Four days later, they finally reached Francisco" (Rising from the Rubble). Once the found him, Francisco was rushed to the hospital to be checked. Because of the steel beam, his dominant hand was no longer useful because of the damage it had been through. This was an adversity he had to overcome in order to accomplish his dream of becoming a surgeon. In order to do that, he had a struggle to follow his dreams. Francisco overcame this adversity by amputating four of his fingers. With five more operations in the future, his right hand still wouldn’t move. When the operations didn't work, Bucio looked out for a new treatment. "His quest led him to San Francisco and Dr. Harry Buncke... Francisco realized that Dr. Buncke was probably his last hope and promised himself, if Dr. Buncke can successfully complete the operation, I'll take care of the rest" (Rising from the Rubble). Francisco had to get his toes to replace his fingers. After the surgery, Francisco kept practicing how to hold things in his new fingers. He kept trying until he got every task right.

Tom Monaghan - Cause and Effect

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Sir Winston Churchill: A Biography of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom - Sequence

Winston Churchill has had many adversities in his life. First, Churchill was blamed for naval and infantry attack in Turkey. He was thrown out of politics by the officials. The article states "Then came the Dardanelles campaign. It was meant to be a combined naval and infantry attack on the Dardanelles in Turkey, but when things went badly for the British, Churchill was blamed for the whole thing. Since both the public and officials turned against Churchill after the Dardanelles disaster, Churchill was swiftly moved out of government. Churchill was devastated to have been forced out of politics" (Rosenberg). Churchill was idle with politics for two years. Next, he was invited back into politics as the Minister of Munitions. Later, he got the position of Secretary of State for War and Air. In the article it states "In 1918, Churchill was given the position of Secretary of State for War and Air, which put him in charge of bringing all the British soldiers home" (Rosenberg). Then, he became the Secretary of State for the Colonies, but then he lost his seat because he was in the hospital. The article states "In 1921, he was made the Secretary of State for the Colonies but only a year later he lost his MP seat while in the hospital with acute appendicitis" (Rosenberg). After, Churchill was out of the government business because of Germany attacking Poland. Later, he was asked to become the First Lord of the Admiralty. Next, Churchill was given the opportunity to become Prime Minister. He took it in order to help fight the war between Britain and Nazi Germany. Finally, Britain had won World War II. Winston Churchill had helped save all of Europe from Nazi Germany. Winston Churchill has faced many adversities and triumphs in his life. He may have faltered in periods of his life, but he these experiences lead up till he won World War II.

Perseverance in Life

We can learn from the perseverance of others is that taking time in trying things over again, can help us reach our goals in life. By persevering, we can show others that trying things over can cause many triumphs in a persons life. Many people can relate to many adversities that were mentioned throughout the newsletter. This helps people learn how to deal with their adversities in life. For example, people can relate to Francisco Bucio because they might have had an obstacle that prevented them from succeeding in their dreams and careers. Overall, we can learn from others that have persevered is that many triumphs come from those who try again.