Annual Christmas Eve Gathering

All Family & Friends WELCOME!!

Come one, come all!

Monday, Dec 24th, 6pm

147 Holiday Drive, Brooklyn, MI

As most of you know we all recently lost our Uncle Ron. We actually inherited our families long running tradition of a Christmas Eve open house from Ron and Shari. We considered taking a year off, but feel that it is important to carry on....celebrate all that Uncle Ron was to all of us, rejoice in our Lord Savior Jesus Christ and enjoy the love of our friends and family. So please help us celebrate the season!!!


Food and drinks served all night, starting at 6pm

Hoping for a Santa visit at 7pm

8pm Reindeer Games (for cash and prizes) We will be pairing up in 2-3 man teams (no spouses) and competing in a series of QUICK and FUN games until only one team is standing!! The kids are encouraged to join in the Reindeer Games!! Prizes for the top 3 teams!!

NO GIFTS!! If you are so inclined, please donate a gift to a family in need.

ATTN: Andrew's, Berkte's, Dickerson's, Houghtby's and Warner's we will be reinstating the cookie decorating contest. All entries will need to be completed prior to the party. Judges, AJ, Brianna and Victoria CAN be bought so bring cash- HO!HO!HO!


Reindeer Games is a series of games involving MAD reindeer skills. In this game, 5 or more (mostly timed) events make up the reindeer games and the reindeer with the best skills gets a special prize and a chance to be on Santa’s flight team!!!

Teams of up to 3 players

1. Build a SOLO Christmas tree (points for engineering & creativity)

2. Mad Gab

3. Snowball toss (how hard can you throw a cotton ball?

4. Who am I? (or it could be What am I??)

5. Who can fly (jump) the furthest?

6. Jacks (one shot per player- each player gets a team, team with highest total wins)

7. Christmas Trivia (if tie breaker is required)