The Romantic Period

By: Elena Cornejo & Matt Bath

The Mystery of Imagination

  • Romantics were "mind poets".
  • They sought a deeper understanding of the bond between human beings and the world of senses.
  • In the poem "Tintern Abbey" Wordsworth describes the element present in both the mind and nature as "something far more deeply interfused." Also as a creative thing that makes things happen. (imagination)
  • Each of the Romantics had their own special view of the imagination.
  • They believed that the imagination could be stimulated by both nature and the mind.
  • Romantic Poems usually present imaginative experiences as very powerful or moving.
  • Human imagination was also a kind of desire: motive that drives the mind to discover things that it cannot learn by rational or logical thinking.
  • The purpose of this imitation is to create new realities in the mind.

The Romantic Poet

  • Wordsworth makes it clear that the poet is special.
  • For William Blake the poet was an inspired revealer and teacher.
  • Shelley called poets the unacknowledged legislators of the world.
  • Keats wrote that a poet is a physician to all humanity.
  • In a sum of that, a poet is someone who human beings and society can't live without.