Retreiving Information in Yor Brain



Attention is one of the major components of memory. Getting away from distraction is not easy. Tips- Social Media is big now in days so when you are learning or studying turn your phone off so you don't peek and miss something important.

Plan Your Time!

Time steals us a lot! Make arrangements. On your phone make times of each study sessions . Have time to study and don't cram your work because then you will be so stressed out and in hour I don't think all of the information will be in your brain. For a test or quiz.

Take Notes

To have good memory you need to study. Taking good and ORGANIZED notes is a really helpful tip because you can study it and you can easily find what you need by their. If you are a visualized person have sticky notes, colored pens, markers, so it all can pop out.


You can also study with others. Research suggests that reading materials out loud significantly improves memory of the material. Ask a friend to study with you and so both of yall can learn and comprehend and also memorize the material.


You need good sleep EACH DAY! You don't want to go to school and be all tired and not remember what you have learned. Sleep can help you by not being lazy during the day and not sleeping in class.
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It doesn't matter if your YOUNG OR OLD we all have a brain and we store moments in it.

It is called "Memories"!