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QR Code Scavenger Hunt (By: Deanne Torres)

QR Code Scavenger Hunt - 6th Grade Math

During the first week of school, I introduced stations with my 6th grade math students. I decided that one of their 7 rotations would be a QR Code Scavenger Hunt around the classroom. This was a great way to familiarize them with QR codes, discuss the use of devices in my classroom, and introduce them to the different areas of the room they should be familiar with. I generated my activity through the following website:

Lesson Description and Reflection

Lesson Description

Students were separated into 7 groups to rotate through 7 different math stations. These stations were designed to implement expectations when students are working in groups and rotating through centers. This was done on the third day of school. I emailed parents ahead of time and explained that their student would be participating in a "bring your own device" QR code scavenger hunt. I asked them to have their student prepared ahead of time with a free QR code app if they were going to use their own device.

When students rotated to this activity, they quickly grabbed their device and read the directions with their team. Together they scanned each QR code to recieve a clue leading them to a different location in the room. As a team, they logged their answers on paper and turned it in for credit.


Students absolutely loved this activity. They were engaged and focused the entire time. It was great for me to see how interested they were in the activity just by using technology. They talked about it for several days. I plan on using this as a perminent station but incorporating math problems within the QR codes. Eventually, I will give students an opportunity to create their own QR code activity for another group in the class to complete.