Rock and Bach October Newsletter

December Recitals

Please sign up at for your teacher's recital time:

Saturday, December 6:

1:00: Karin Boumeester, Ken Wilson, Joyce Choi

3:00: Terri Morrison and Eric Pauda

5:00: Michelle Wilson and Kelli Gornstein

Sunday, December 7:

11:00: Grace Park, Lori Broadwater and Travis Hernandez

1:00: Ryoji Shimpo and Holly Gong

3:00: Ryan Gonzales and Noe Benitez

5:00: Laura Hollenbach and Morgan Greenday

Master Classes

Remember to sign up at, call 972-302-5093 or tell your teacher if you will be attending a master class. You can attend all master classes free of charge! Or, if you miss a lesson, use the master class for your makeup if you didn't get a change to do a makeup lesson with your teacher.

Voice Master class: October 18, 10:00-11:00

Piano/other instrument Master Class: Oct 25, 10-11 or 11-12.