Air pollution

Sap(stop air pollution)

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once your lungs turn black,they never go back,stop air pollution!

what can we do to stop air pollution?

We can start driving less.

Stop smoking

Don't blow too much fireworks

Less fires

Anything you can do that helps.

Air pollution facts

What can air pollution do?

Air pollution can kill birds because it pollutes the air which would not make the sky look pretty,It gives lung cancer to people and makes it hard to breath and its also bad for people who has Asthma.Air pollution is not good for plants because it kills plants.Animals like birds die from air pollution and they can't see throw the smoke.

The reason i think we should stop air polluting because Its not good for the citizens,animals,plants,and the sky.

''Many people will never be bothered by air pollution because people don't stop talking long enough to take a deep breath.'' -Vikrant parsai