By Quaheim Glasgow

Game Description

My game is a mix of different levels obstacles and ways to finish them. I have different enemies that are in this game different stages and areas where you have to defeat the enemies and complete the course collect all the points and head to the next level the main characters (Avatar) are League Marksman, League Scout, League Jumper when you play my game I hope you enjoyed it.

Story Line

The game starts off in a jungle forest type are where you are the Marksman you as the marksman have to eliminate the the enemies then collect the points and make sure you beat the clock then you will travel to the different level and stages to face the other obstacles and challenges then you travel outer space then to the gold room.


My name is Quaheim I'm from University Of Texas and I'm studying game designing and engineering i found out about game star mechanic and followed up on the story line of the original game and It was amazing.
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