Chamberlain's Junior Class Bulletin

Vol 1

All things Junior!

Juniors are an odd group. The proverbial step children of the high school. Ironically, while they get the least attention, they ironically need a lot. This is the year that colleges pay the most attention to, the year that defines who they are as people and that paves the way, both good and bad, for their Senior year.

Some things to keep in mind while dealing with the Junior class:

1. Grades. Know them, update them, communicate them. Frequently. Consistently.

2. Communication. Over communicate. With various people: Me, Amy, Joy, them!, their parents, etc.

3. Challenge them. Behaviorally and academically. Seniors do not get it because no one challenges them to. Challenge them early and often. They will be better because of if. I promise. Challenge their ideas, challenge them to do better and be more. Challege them to put West on the map some day!

4. Enjoy them. In all seriousness. Juniors are fun. They are witty, comical, insightful, and above all they challenge the status qua. Make memories with them. Ones that you enjoy and they do.

Your Awesome-sauce Junior Support Team

Rita Pierson: Every kid needs a champion

Shout Outs!

Erica Kennedy - for scheduling and meeting w all the kiddos so that they know precisely where they stand! She had HONEST and REAL conversations w them. Kudos!

Andrea Torka - for working tirelessly to make sure that our SpEd kiddos get a of their services and have an enriching learning experience. Yay!

Feel free to submit these to me! Staff and students alike! Once school is underway, include kiddos for their accomplishments!

ACT Participation MUST Increase!

We HAVE to increase ACT participation! Stat! We have chances for them to particpate for FREE. No excuses!

Let's help them prep and get our participation rate higher and their average score higher!

See the links below to help!!rockthetest

Final Thoughts

I have never been so excited to start a school year. Honestly! I am super excited to help be a member of the transformation that will take place at West! It's a welcome challenge. I got a letter once when I worked in Canal Winchester, from our new superintendent. In her letter she said, "each year every kid, even the ones that are hard to love, say to themselves 'this is my year! It's going to be different' and they make plans as such. Then, inevitably, life happens and things go awry. But regardless, we all started w the same goal: to make this year great, different." I loved her instantly for those words. So as we embark on this journey to graduation 2016 together, remember her words and remember that this year will be great, and different :)