Happy New Year!

2016 is YOUR time to shine Fearless Fox!

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::::::::::: Let's celebrate a December to Remember! :::::::::::

Congratulations on a great December Foxes! We ended our month with $5,845 in Team Sales + had 19 Active Foxes. Way to go ladies! A special SHOUT OUT to each and every one of you who continued to work your business during the busiest time of the year. Whether you made 1 sale or 50, you should be PROUD of your efforts + celebrate your every win! CHEERS!


Rosina Stavast - $2,067 (Earned 30% Commission + $200 in Jewelry Credit + the December Merchandiser Incentive Jewelry!)

Zoraida Allison - $818 (Earned 30% Commission + $50 in Jewelry Credit!)

Kristen Hennke - $455

Pati Qiu - $364

Dyenitha Roy - $341

Carissa Grebner - $310

Jelena McClain - $257

Jennifer Megaw - $251

Wendy Sellers - $251

Carole Dale - $157

The SEMI-ANNUAL SALE starts tomorrow, January 2nd!

Get ready to start your month off with a BANG ladies! The Semi-Annual Sale kicks off Saturday the 2nd and ends January 7th! This is a FABULOUS time to Host a Pop-up, or find a Hostess to take advantage of these awesome deals! Before you post, do your homework and plan your strategy!

Check out this guide with a handy checklist + sample posts you can use:

NOTE: The One-click-swap collection should be ready after the sale starts tomorrow (don't forget to update your Boutiques for the New Year + the sale!) and be sure to SHARE the new teaser images found in the Content Center with your network!

Here is the complete list of SKUs that will be on sale:

So, what's YOUR January Goal Fearless Fox?

Check out these AMAZING Merchandiser Perks! Which will YOU be taking home?

Dreams + Plans + Deadlines = success and celebrations!

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Prep yourself for success with these amazing tools found in the MERCH PERCH!

1. January Planning Calendar:


2. #MyBigPicture Worksheet:


3. Book those POP-UPS + SHARE the January Hostess Incentive:


As always, I'm here + ready to help you achieve YOUR dreams + goals in January and throughout 2016!

NOW is the time to DREAM BIG ladies... don't hold back! The C+I opportunity is endless, and can take you anywhere you want to go. It's up to YOU to set your goals first, then book your Goal Setting + Action Plan call with me TODAY. I'm here to help your, and absolutely LOVE hearing from you!

One of my personal 2016 GOALS is to be there for you, (every step of the way!) and help you succeed - in whatever way you choose. So, CHEERS to taking the first step to have your very BEST YEAR EVER! And don't forget... #BeFearless out there Foxes!