the fox and the crow

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  • שם הספר : the fox and the crow
  • שם הסופר: meitar sela

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dear debbie

i read a book, the name of the book is "the fox and the crow". the author is meitar sela.

the characters in the book are fox and crow. the book is a mystery book. its about a crow and fox that want to eat. the crow has some meat and in an ugly way the fox takes the meat from the crow and eat it. the book is interesting,

yours, dana

new words :

beak-מקור voice-קול as ever-מתמיד

he too- גם הוא shine-מבריקות clever-חכמה

soft- רך drops- מפילה sitting-יושב

teathers- נוצות jaws-לוע