Lorenzo Ghiberti

Started as a goldsmith ended as an artist.

Background of Ghiberti.

He was trained as a painter and than became more famous for his sculptures.

His parents were Ciene Paitmi Ghiberti and Mona Fiore, after he was born his father left and his mother moved in with the black smith know as Bartoluccio, and married him after his father died.

In 1400 he went to the Romaga to escape the plague in Florence and assisted another painter in executing frescoes.

He began writing his commentarii which was left unfinished in 1455.

Achievements of Ghiberti.

He made the North and East doors of the Florence Baptistery.

His most celebrated architectural project was the dome of The Florence Cathedral.

Ghiberti is most extensive and generally accepted architectural role took place at the sacristy of the church of Santa Trinita in Florence where he designed the tomb of Onofrin Strozzi.

The time he was making the doors they changed from the old testament to the new and he had to make every scene and made them in a fluent order.

Impact on Today.

The east door he made helped people understand certain things about back in the times of reign.

the door allowed them to understand more about the new testament.

He also impacted the way people today do art and sculptors.

Interesting Facts.

http://ic.galegroup.com/ic/bic1/ReferenceFullListPage/ReferenceFullListWindow?failOverType=&query=ACID+13684332+OR+13684331&prodId=BIC1&windowstate=normal&contentModules=&display-query=ACID+%22Ghiberti%2C+Lorenzo%22&mode=view&dispBoth of his sons became artists and trained in the workshop of his step father Bartoluecio.

Architectural frames have been to be one of his specialty.

He made two bronze reliefs for the font at the Baptistery in Sienna.

He was a sculptor, goldsmith,architect, painter, and writer.

He joined 3 different guilds his first one in 1409 a goldsmith guild, in 1423 he joined a painter guild, and in 1427 he joined stonemasons.


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