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Mizar and Alcor

Mizar and Alcor is a double star system (to the naked eye). Located in Ursula Major, Mizar and Alcor are also a part of the handle in the Big Dipper. The binary star system is difficult to locate at first due to the faintness of Alcor, however after locating the stars, one can differentiate Mizar and Alcor.

The Constellation of Orion

The constellation of Orion is easily recognizable and has many distinct characteristics. First, the prominent Orion's belt. Second, the lesser known trapezium. Compromised of Theta1 Orionis A, B, C, and D, the trapezium is more difficult to see compared to the Orion's belt. The constellation of orion mainly consists of large blue giants and supergiants. The exception is Betelgeuse, a red giant. Betelgeuse is the left shoulder of Orion.