Nichols GT Scoop

September - October 2021

Satisfaction of one's curiosity is one of the greatest sources of happiness in life. - Linus Pauling

5th Grade - Mystery of Me

5th grade GT students started the year getting to know themselves in our Mystery of Me Unit. Students wrote a poem about the Best Part of Me. Students learned about the 5 love languages, discovered their creative type, learned their personality type and discovered what their name means. Students interviewed their parents to learn how they got their name. The fifth graders then created an acrostic poem using their name and created a name transformation to complete their What’s in a Name project.

Road Trip!

In our next unit, our fifth graders are traveling on a road trip to their ideal location/vacation destination in the United States!
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6th Grade - Logo Design

6th grade GT students started the year by learning about logo design and the 5 principles of logo design. Students researched the different concepts of logos such as color, negative space, proportion & symmetry, motion, use of fancy font, keeping it simple, hidden meanings, and thinking outside the box. Students then utilized everything they learned about logos to create four logo designs of their own for their GT class. These designs were then shared with their class and their peers provided feedback to help them reflect and improve their designs. Students then choose one design to redesign based on the feedback they received. Each class then voted on the redesigns to select one logo design per class and one overall logo design was then selected to represent 6th grade GT!

The overall class logo design winner for sixth grade:

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Crime Scene Investigation is our next unit and our sixth graders are excited to learn and participate in hands on lessons!