Carson Staff Happenings

Week of October 17-21

Carson Calendar

October 17-21- Wear jeans all week if you took the T-TESS Challenge

October 17- Homecoming parade @5:30 p.m. - load float at Carson @ 5:00pm

October 17- DISD Board Meeting @ 7:00 p.m.

October 18- Cici's Pizza Night @5:00 p.m.

October 19- Carson Dad Greeters @7:15 a.m.

October 19- PLC

October 20- Tech Tidbits with Jenn @3:30 p.m.

October 21- Fly Friday- 2nd Grade Music Performance

October 21- Flu Clinic @ 9:30-10:30am

October 21- Homecoming Game

October 24-28- Red Ribbon Week (See email from Hakanson for specifics)

October 24- 2nd Grade Performance @6:00 p.m.

October 25- Missy Training- during Conference period - Guided Reading Review and New tips

October 27-28- RTI Check-In Meetings

October 27- 4th Grade Stem Mania @Weatherford College

October 28- Fire Prevention Program during Fly Friday

October 28- Carson Trunk or Treat and Movie Night
Food 5:30pm Trunk or Treat 6:00 p.m. Movie @ dark

October 31- HAppy Hallo-Wiener and Frito Pie Luncheon (make sure to sign-up)

November 2- Faculty Meeting @3:30 p.m.

November 4- Carson Fun Run (No Fly Friday)

November 4- Picture Retakes

DEF Grant

The Decatur ISD Education Foundation is currently open and accepting grant applications. Please visit the Decatur ISD Education Foundation link under the Community link on the district homepage. The guidelines as well as the steps to access the online grant application are located there. The deadline for grant applications is Friday, October 28th.

In the past Carson has received some grant money and we would love for our school to receive some money this year.

Total Participation Book Study

This week we will start our book study Total Particiaption Techniques by Persida and William Himmele. We will focus on chapters 1 & 2 of the book (pages. 3-23). This section will introduce the book to you before we dive into the various particicaption techniques you will select to apply in your classrooms.

After reading chapters 1 & 2 use the link below to complete the questions on the Padlet.

The following are the questions you will need to answer on the Padlet by Wednesday, October 19

1. What is somethning that is close to your heart?

2. What idea did you take from reading this section?

3. What do you still have a question about?

Mrs. Sheryl Lambert Paraprofessinal of the Month

Sheryl will be recognized at the school board meeting on September 17, 2016 @ 7:00pm. Sheryl has many great qualities that she shares with the Carson staff and our #Carsonstars. We are so thankful she shares her crafty trait with us as she has made many of the bulletin boards in our school. She also takes initiative to get things done and is happiest when given jobs to keep her busy. Recently she has agreed to take on our 4th and 5th grade Challenge Lab. She has already started reading and preparing for these kids. She is also awesome at working with our struggling students and building them up.

Big Shout Out to Perfect Teacher Attendance

For the first six weeks we had 18 saff memebers with perfect attendance. We hope ypu enjoyed your special treat!

T-TESS Challenge

Don't forget you get to wear jeans the week of October 17-21 if you completed the T-TESS Challenge.