Digital Footprint

Jenna Azzarello

What is Digital Footprint?

Your digital footprint is always going to be with you. It's what you have posted on the internet, including social media. It can either be bad or good. You have control over your digital footprint.

Why is it important?

Like I mentioned, your digital footprint is always going to be with you. When you are trying to get into college or get the job you've always wanted, people are always going to look back at your digital footprint. Not only can your digital footprint affect your future, but it can affect you now. Some high school sports teams check what you're doing online. Posting inappropriate images or posts can get you a bad digital footprint. So before you post, think if it will affect you in a good or bad way.

My Digital Footprint

Outside of school I use Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter. I make all of those private for safety reasons, but I wouldn't say I post anything bad. I think the main reason I use social media is because everyone else does. Before I post things, I always make sure it's not affecting myself or others in a bad way. For school I use Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. I use twitter to connect with my teachers and other students. Sometimes I also use it to share events and other exciting things coming up around the school. I have LinkedIn for the same reason I have Twitter, but I don't use it much. I think this is because I don't find it as exciting as I do with Twitter. I recently made an Instagram specifically for my digital lit class. We had to have some type of way to show our progress from our 20% project, and I thought Instagram was a perfect way to do that!
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Is it helpful? Is it harmful?

I would say my digital footprint is positive and helpful! I don't think in any way is my digital footprint harmful. Although when I'm out of school, I don't post anything pertaining to school, but it still isn't harmful. I think my digital footprint may have a positive impact on me in the future, especially my twitter!
There are so many more things I can do to fulfill a positive digital footprint! I can continue posting on my school twitter and share things around the school with others. For example I kept people updated on the Shoe Drive going on in school. If i could do that with the other events that go on, that would be perfect!

What have I learned?

I learned so many new things this semester, but what we learned about your digital footprint defiantly stood out! So many bad things go on through the internet, that we forget all the positive things we can use it for. The internet can be a positive place if we make it that way! Always remember what you post online never goes away, and think before you post.