Sojourner Truth

Kasandra Martinez

Sjourner Truth

Sojourner Truth is a African-American abolitionist and women rights activist .


Sojourner Truth , also known as Isabella Baumfree , was born on c. 1797 in Rifton , NY and died on November 26 , 1883 . She was born into slavery .After the death of her owners, Truth was sold off at an auction along with a flock of sheep in 1806. She was just nine years old then. Her new owner John Neely was a very cruel man. Truth was sold off a couple more times before she became the property of John Dumont in 1810. Dumont was kind towards his slaves but his wife ill-treated them and made their lives miserable. Sojourner fell in love with a slave named Robert . They later had a daughter , named Diana . Robert forbade this , and made her marry an older slave . They also had children , 2 girls . Elizabeth and Sophia , and 1 boy , Peter .