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Sikhism's most popular holiday is Visakhi, it is held on April 14th. It is celebrated as a harvest festival in Punjab. It marks the day that guru Gobind Singh, the tenth Guru, established the Khalsa. This daylong celebration includes religious services, parades, music and dancing.

Articles of Faith

People who have been initiated into the Khalsa wear a "uniform" that binds them together as a community and reminds them of their commitment to Sikhism. This includes the five Sikh articles of faith that should be worn daily.

1-Kesh: Uncut hair, which is kept covered by a distinctive turban

2-Kirpan: A religious sword, which represents readiness to protect the weak and fight against injustice.

3- Kara: A mental bracelet, which represents strength.

4-Kanga: A wooden comb, which represents cleanliness.

5-Kachera: Cotton undergarments, which represents self-discipline.

The Guru Granth Sahib

The Guru Granth Sahib is a collect of hymns and poems. It's unique among holy scriptures as it contains not only writing Sikhs but also saints and prophets of other religions. "The One God is the {parent} of all

We are all {the children of God};

O Guru, a Friend, I dedicate my

heart to {you},

If {you let} me but have a glimpse of


Free {yourself} of pride, take refugee in {God},

Accept with joy what {God does},

Hearken, my friend,

Give {your} body, mind, {your}

whole self unto {God},

And thus, have glimpse of the Divine.

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The Harmandir Sahib. or Golden Temple, in Armritsar, is one of the most popular gurdwaras in the world. The original was built in the 1580s by Guru Arjan Dev, the 5th Guru.
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