Beans & Cream

"A better place for coffee"

Our shop sells the best containers for coffee beans!

Don't you get annoyed when you buy a coffee bag, and it breaks or there is hole because the bag is not that strong enough to hold the coffee beans? Well no worries! Alia and her team is here!!!! In our shop, we sell strong and durable containers for coffee. Most of our containers are cylinders. You can order a customized containers too. It could be any shape (cylinder, cones, and spheres)

You know how most coffee containers are ugly looking and stuff. Well, we have containers in every design and every color.. for both men and women.. obviously.. and we not only have containers, but also coffee. If you buy our containers, you would get free coffee and some goodies. (Plus there are containers for other items too)

Here are some exclusive Pictures of our Products!!!


Opening Hours: Monday - Sunday 9am to 9pm