January in the Library

What's Happening?

2nd Grade Classes

It appears Googlemaps has forgotten to map the most important place in Warrensburg - the Elementary School Library! Lucky for us, the 2nd graders have taken on the task of creating them for us. Students are building on what they've learned in their classrooms and are using Paint to create their professional-looking maps!

Mrs. Gerrain's Third Grade Class

If you're considering a new pet, be sure to talk to Mrs. Gerrain's class first. They've been researching different animals and their habitats to produce their first informational pieces. These third graders are already whizzes when it comes to using PebbleGo and are the first class to use the brand new Amazing Animals of the World database in Grolier. Stop by their room in a week or two to view the final, typed-up versions and learn a thing or two about an animal.

Mrs. Backus's Third Grade Class

The only thing to rival the anticipation of Kate and Prince William's royal baby is the anticipation of Mrs. Backus's class's informational pieces on England! And I'm happy to announce, they'll be completed by the end of the month! Throughout the process, these third graders have become savvy researchers and are currently finishing crafting their informational pieces about England. They'll finish typing up all of their information on the currency, religion, and government of England within a week or two. Ask one of them for some interesting facts about the country and you'll be amazed at what they know!

Mr. LaLone's Fourth Grade Class

Long before Warrensburg existed and even before the song "Fifteen Miles on the Eerie Canal" was even thought of, the colonists of New York settled our state. Mr. LaLone's class has set to work researching the economy, way of life, and important people of this Colonial New York. To gather information, they'll be learning how to search through databases and practicing the note-taking skills they learned in class. Their final products will be informational pieces on colonial New York.

Mrs. Glebus's Fourth Grade Class

If you take a look at the library's section on dogs, you'll notice they are the most circulated, most loved books in the room. Mrs. Glebus's class is in for a treat then, when they head into the computer lab to use databases to research different kinds of dogs. They'll be gathering information to create their own informational pieces!

5th Grade Classes

Do you ever wonder about the explorers that came to the New World hundreds of years ago? Ask a 5th grader within the next few weeks about any major explorer and they'll be able to fill you in on their full name, their major expedition, and details about their crews and ships. They've been busy exploring Gale Virtual Reference, World Book, Grolier databases, and traditional print resources on their journey to become experts on explorers!