Point View School

Newsletter 17 March 2021


It feels as if the year has just begun, but when I look at this newsletter I see so much has happened and I have to think again. Six weeks into the school year means 15% of our time together with students has passed. Some of that time was taken away by the pandemic. The remaining time your children spend at school this year is precious. It is also uncertain, so we are making the most of it!

Thank you for supporting this school effort by helping out on camp and on the many trips and activities that are underway. Thank you also for making sure that your children are at school, on time, having had a good night’s sleep and equipped for learning. Our school is a safe and stimulating environment for all students but thanks for keeping a sick child at home until they recover.

On ‘Meet-the-Teacher’ evenings I am talking about our teachers, our school goals and the changes we are making to reporting to Point View families through the introduction of ‘Hero,’ a new student management system. Our aim is to provide you with a clear, up to date picture of your child and their learning. It will take a little time to arrive at where we want to be, and we thank you for working along with us to get there.

Robin Kirkham, Principal

Welcome to our new students

Anna, Aryan, Chloe, Gary, Gavin, Mohamed, Dia, Francis, Irene, Rosalee, Aarika, Erica, Oliver, Riley, Ella, Enze, Asher, Kimberley, Max, Priscilla and Tareeq.


The Raffle Draw will be held at the Full Assembly. Please return all tickets and money to the school before Friday to make sure they go in the draw.

Thank you for all your support!


Our small group of parents and staff are a great link between the school and home. A fantastic way for parents to be involved in the school and to make new friends.

Elections for the committee will be held on 6 May, they need more people to join this warm and welcoming group to ensure they can carry on adding great value to the school.

Room 7 World of Drama and Movement.

Room 7 went to the imaginary world of drama and movement for the day. Mrs Oldham took our students into the world of Little Red Riding Hood. They had costumes, masks and music to take them through the magical world of make-believe and storytelling.

Drama is such an important part of our curriculum through the process of inquiry into self and prior knowledge. The students also use imagination and risk as part of their processes of art and invention.

Room 29 - All About Bridges

We had a lot of fun with Mr Rankin learning about bridges!

Yummy Apple Stickers

Eat yummy apples to get sports equipment for our school and house points for yourself.

As part of Point View's healthy eating campaign, each class is collecting stickers from The Yummy Fruit Company.

Individual apples have the Yummy stickers on them. Bags have a cutout label on them worth 10 stickers. The stickers help buy sports equipment for the students during lunchtimes. Yummy apples can be bought from New World and Pak 'n' Save.

If students require individual sheets they can be collected from Mrs Killeen in Room 1. Each completed sheet is worth 100 house points.

Challenge - Can you beat the record? Last year a student collected 2500 house points!


We have found where to put our single-use plastic so that it doesn't have to go to the landfill!

Instead of throwing single-use plastic in the bin, help us reduce our waste and recycle by making Ecobricks! An Ecobrick is a plastic bottle packed tight with used plastic to make a reusable building block. Imagine what we could build with lots of Ecobricks!

We will be putting these together in the Hive, in our classrooms and you could even do them at home!

Find out more about Ecobricks here: https://www.ecobricks.org/

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Summer Uniform to be worn for Class Photos

Please make sure your child is wearing the summer uniform for class photos on Tuesday 23 March.

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Upcoming Events

  • Thursday 18 March - Jester Pie Day
  • Friday 19 March - Full School Assembly 9am
  • Friday 19 March - Interschool swimming sports
  • Tuesday 23 March - Class photos
  • Wednesday 24 March - Year 6 Camp meeting 7.30pm