Kaden Quint


Hobbies and activities

I play soccer for a my club team during the winter and spring. But this fall i started to play soccer for the school. I start for the varsity team and I play CB. Other then soccer I don't play any other sports and I don't know if I want to be in any of the clubs at the school yet.


I have been going to school at Buhler all the years I've been at school. I started at UV then went to Prosperity and for middle school I went to Phms. I don't know yet where I want to college yet but I know I want to go play soccer in college so I'm just waiting to get offers then I'll choose a school that has the education field that I would like to do when I get older. I would like to go to college at McPherson College cause that's where my dad coaches soccer at and it's a small school and I want to play soccer at a division 2 school.

Colleges I would like to attend


So far this is the only college I would like to go to cause I don't know yet what I want to go to college to do.


My mom is an orthodontist and works at Dr. Guess office. My dad is the head men and woman's soccer coach at McPherson College. My step mom works at Hospira. My step dad works for MKC. I have a brother and sister. My brother is 3 and my sister is 6. I also have a step brother and sister. My step brother is in 5th grade and my step sister is in 7th grade. They are all important to me cause they are always at my games or they are always by my side helping me if in need help.