What I've Learned

Wireless Communication

Don't send people pictures of your body. Anybody can see it from someone else. You will regret what you sent in the past They get around really quick because they are passed around by many people. Tell a Adult about it if it happens. When people text and drive the are 4x most likely to get into crashes and hurt themselves. Speak up and tell them about the dangers of texting and driving. Make sure when you are looking for good service your in a good place because your service can be bad out in the middle of no where

The Viral World

People can steal your identity if you sign up with stuff on a spam page with private info and your credit card information. When making a profile dont use personal information and edit your privacy settings so only your friends can see it. Dont use your full name netheir. Dont put your address or phone number and make your password random write it down a a peice of paper to remember it.

Digital Relationships and Respect

Many people want cyber bullying to end and if you are doing it you can get in huge trouble like suspension or you could even get expelled and in trouble with the police. Half of the time the victim knows who the bully is . There are many different types too like Harmful and Threatening. If you know somebody that is doing it tell an adult or an administrator. Make sure your not doing it and if you are remember you can get in serious trouble with police for that. So stop your friend if they are doing it and you need to stop if you are doing it .

Internet Resources and Credibility

You can get in big trouble for stealing somebody's work word for word and you can get suspended just for copying somebody else's work and kicked off a team you play on and you can get arrested because its theft even if you are a straight A student. using tech can be hard to use for school work. If you are using a cite for homework or a paper make sure you use a good resource that has been recently updated and make sure it ateast has .org so you can use it for school
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Creating Multimedia Projects

Copyright : you cant copy right because its illegal and its stealing somebodys elses music movies clips videos songs EVERYTHING thoughts or facts cant be copyrighted. you need the bands permisson or the right to have their video on your site . or they can take you to court and have charges pressed against you and we all know oyur parents dont want that to happen . But if its against the law dont do it unless you buy it or rent it then your good but an other time you can get in big trouble for that and everybody knows this. Make sure you have great info too if you are creating a project like this . And get it from a good resource or you could have information from 4 years ago and it could be a fake web page
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Choosing A Computer

When you buy a computer you need to make sure you have the best software so your computer will run faster and act better than it did before. and if your teacher ask to go buy one make sure you dont get one that runs slow or any of that because if it does that it could run all day in class and you wouldnt have enough time to do your school work or maybe a project is due and you cant finish it because of your computer and make sure the software is good and isnt junking and get a virus protecter on it.
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