The Tri-State Tornado of 1925

The deadliest tornado in American history

The tornado tore through Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana

On March 18, an tornado appeared near a primary school as a " shadow cloud" and utterly demolished the school with 24 deaths. It traveled through multiple cities, leaving them in ruins. It holds the world record of the longest tornado path with 219 miles. The disaster lasted 3.5 hours and also holds the record of the most extreme tornado in recorded history

The tornado left a track of 219 miles of destruction.

Fortunately, 89 years of vegetation has covered the path completely.

More info on the tornado:

So how deadly was the tornado?

Most experts agree that the tornado on the Fujita scale , (a scale that measures how dangerous a tornado is) was an F5 tornado, meaning that its winds were at an immense amount of speed.

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