Week 5

CAoC PreK/PreSchool News from Saturday, October 8, 2016

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We can't believe that Week 6 is right around the corner! This past Saturday, we've spent the first hour reviewing Lesson 12 with Miss Lo and explored some of the vocabulary from Lesson 14 with Miss Pin in the second hour. We reviewed some of our vocabulary such as go to school, listen well, who, smart, and be good with our special guest, Grandpa Wang and his puppy Toby. They put on a puppet show for us and we're so glad that we get to practice our vocabulary with them! After the puppet show, we've learned to say teacher and eyes by looking for them in our Discovery Box.

Next, Miss Pin helped us review the color red and yellow by having us look for things that are red or yellow in the box. When we find something that is red, we would shout, red, and when we find something that is yellow, we would shout, yellow. We had fun looking for red and yellow things but it was not easy for some of us to say red and yellow because they sounded a little too similar.

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Discovery Box has been one of our favorite learning activities this year because we can all search for the vocabulary we've just learned under these shredded paper. We also love the umbrella on our Discovery Box because it made us feel like we are at the beach! When we were looking for the word, teacher, and eyes, it was easier to find the word, teacher, because the picture was quite big. It was fun looking for the word, eyes, because there are so many tiny little googly eyes hiding in the box. Everybody has to pay close attention in order to find the googly eyes and we were so excited when we find one. It was quite loud in our classroom when everyone is shouting out teacher or eye when they find one in the box but we had so much fun!
After a good workout at the Discovery Box, we've learned and reviewed some additional vocabulary such as big, small, eyes, yellow, and press from the storybooks, Flotsam, and Press Here with Miss Lo. Although we didn't finish reading the Press Here, all of us loved pressing on the dots and were quite proud of the little magic trick we've made. During our craft time, we've learned to say the color red and the number eight with Bob the Tomato. Since the word, bob, sounds pretty close to the word, eight, in Chinese, we practiced saying, eight, eight, eight, the red number eight, in Chinese while glueing tiny pieces of Bob the tomato onto our number eight activity sheet.

When we came back from our snack break, Miss Pin helped us review the color red and learn the color yellow by showing us a really red apple and a really yellow banana. We were asked to pass the fruit to a friend and say, "the red apple" and "the yellow banana". Even though we just had a snack...the apple and banana still looked quite delicious to some of us! We almost didn't get to pass the apple and the banana all the way back to Miss Pin. ^0^


In Week 6, we will be completely focusing on Lesson 14. In the first hour, Miss Lo is looking forward to learn the some of the target vocabulary with everyone by using the Movement Station! In addition to Grandpa and grandma Wang, and Toby, Miss Lo will be bringing a special buddy to class this week! He would only talk if you say, "Speak Chinese", to him and he can't wait to meet everyone!! In the second hour, Miss Pin is looking forward to learn some of the target vocabulary with everyone by using some movement freeze games! She looks forward to see everyone having a great time learning the vocabulary through movement!


Dear Parents,

Please have your child bring two to three personal items (such as their favorite toy, shirt, stuffed animal, book, bottles, etc.) that are red to school tomorrow for an activity. I apologize for the late notice! Also, due to our limited storage space, please plan on bringing the used T-shirt for your child's craft time weekly. We greatly appreciate your help!

We look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow!

Miss Lo & Miss Pin


Should you have any questions regarding our program, please feel free to contact me!