Eternal Rest Funeral Home

Funeral Arrangements

The Personal Touch

We provide a gentle hand to guide each family in creating a memorable tribute for their loved one.

Cremation Service

Today, many people choose cremation for its simplicity, affordability, and environmental concerns. With cremation as your funeral choice you may still hold a viewing, a memorial, and funeral service. Many options for a personalized service:

  • Burial of cremated remains in a urn vault or or a columbarium niche
  • Keeping cremated remains in a beautiful urn
  • Placing of remains in keepsake for every family member
  • Sending cremated remains in balloons, scattered in the ocean

Whatever your vision for an end-of-life ceremony, we are dedicated to assisting you in creating a cremation service you desire.

Burial Service

The combination of burial services and memorial options are available to you through Eternal Rest Funeral Home. Funerals are no longer limited to conventional services and burial, but are designed to be unique, memorable, a true celebration of life of your loved one. We can accommodate all cultures, religious, and burial wishes.

You may ask yourself

  • Do we wish to have a simple family burial service with a memorial event for friends and colleagues?
  • Would we prefer cremation but would like a burial service for the remains?
  • We would like to consider a green burial, but what does that mean?

Whatever your desires for end-of-life celebration, we are here to assist.

Burial services can include:

  • Simple burial service
  • Funeral, memorial, graveside service
  • Cremation service with burial
  • Visitations and private gatherings
  • Green burial services
  • Services at funeral home, churches, or other locations
  • Preservation of prayer cards or obituary notices
  • National and international transport of deceased
  • Filing of insurance claims, pensions, and veteran's benefits
  • Military honors services
  • Grief Support

Video Tributes

A special way to honor a loved one is through a video tribute. A video tribute combines photographs, music, scenery, and words to honor the life that was lived. This is shown as part of the service to make the event more personable and memorable. After the service we provide you with a DVD copy for a keepsake remembrance you will always cherish.